About US

The Idea

Dylan Leary has had a vision since he was 14 years old: to show the world a better way to eat and to educate people about the value of good food. 10 years later, after extensive travel to explore means of food production, Dylan and his family started Love Farms to employ everything he's learned about sustainable food production. With his knowledge, experience, and expertise, Dylan is determined to grow as much food as possible using organic and regenerative techniques in his small-scale agricultural paradise.

Breaking Ground

Dylan’s crew has worked diligently since October of 2020 to transform the 10-acre West Dennis property into a beautiful and efficient landscape that includes a guest house, a 1950’s barn, woodwork shop, extensive gardens for vegetables, flowers, and herbs, greenhouses to maximize growing potential, poultry including chickens and ducks, and KuneKune pigs. Currently, a number of passionate individuals work together every day to accomplish daily projects and chores. A farm stand allows visitors to purchase produce, meet the farmers, and tour the property.

The Future

The Love Farms team plans to open a farm-to-table restaurant by the summer of 2025. Dylan and his family believe this restaurant will further enhance their long-term goals for food production and for community. The restaurant will offer many exceptional dining options, including fast casual counter experiences, interactive fine dining, and the opportunity to host private events. Community members and visitors alike will be able to experience first-hand the incredible food grown, sourced, and prepared at Love Farms.