Love Farms is a family farm on ten acres located in the heart of beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts and dedicated to providing an authentic farm-to-table experience for our community. We grow more than one hundred varieties of vegetables, herbs, and fruits in addition to raising chickens for eggs and Kune Kune pigs.  

We'll be breaking ground in June of 2024 on our new 9,400 sq. ft. farm-to-table restaurant which will feature breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring ingredients sourced from our own farm and many other farms in our region. We hope to open our doors to the community in the early summer of 2025.

We are currently underway with our 4th growing season on the farm, which is a unique year for us as we focus on soil health, farm infrastructure, and planning for our new restaurant.

If you think you might be a good fit to join our team and help us fulfill our mission, we encourage you to get in touch and share your résumé. We look forward to hearing from you!


Hiring for the 2023 season has concluded.

Check back in early 2024 to apply for farm crew member and other seasonal and year-round opportunities.

Farm Crew Member

Farm crew members will be engaged in a variety of farming activities, from planting and harvesting of our more than two hundred varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs, to caring for animals, to building and repairing farm tools and spaces.

Farm Crew Member

Job Description 

Love Farms is hiring Farm Crew Members for the 2023 season and year-round. We have both full and part-time positions available. Farm crew members will be engaged in a variety of farming activities, from planting and harvesting of our more than two hundred varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs, to caring for animals, to building and repairing farm tools and spaces.We are seeking candidates with a variety of skills and experience levels.Whether you are a life-long farmer or have never worked on a farm before, if you have a passion for food, the environment, hard physical work, being outside all day, learning about farming, and serving the Cape Cod community, we want to hear from you! 


Duties and Responsibilities 


Please note: Farm Crew Members will be engaged in a variety of activities. This may not be an exhaustive list. Not all Farm Crew Members will be asked to perform all these activities. 


·     Feeding and care of farm animals including pigs,chickens, and barn cats. Animals are fed and watered in the early morning andearly afternoon. Livestock responsibilities include monitoring health andwell-being of the animals, ensuring adequate water at all times of day,cleaning out animal areas including the chicken coop and pig house 

·     Planting of crops both via transplant and directseeding using a seeder. Planting responsibilities include turning beds over fornew crops, applying organic fertilizers as instructed 

·     Irrigation setup and maintenance, includingrepairing leaks, monitoring irrigation system timing, running and removing driptape, using hoses to water where irrigation systems are not practical orpossible to use 

·     Regular plant pruning, weeding, and monitoringfor insect/plant disease/animal damage. Reaching, twisting, bending, kneeling,and sitting are often involved in the pruning process, with weeding via handgenerally being on hands and knees. 

·     Vegetable, fruit, and herb harvesting. Thisinvolves long periods of time stooping, crouching, kneeling, bending, liftingup to 50lbs, and carrying or pushing/pulling over short and long distances fortransport. Please note, this is a physically demanding job. We do not currentlyfarm a large expanse of land and do not use farm machinery often or at all tofacilitate our farming. 

·     Working with a partner or small team to retrievevarious organic material from our local partner businesses for composting. Thisinvolves regularly lifting up to 50lbs individually and team lifting heavieritems into various farm vehicles for transport back to the farm. 

·     Occasionally unloading feed for transport intoour feed storage area in the barn. This involves sustained and repeated liftingand carrying 50lb bags of feed. 

·     Have a passion for construction or carpentry? Wehave a number of building or carpentry projects on the farm, including thebuilding of farm tools such as row cover mechanisms using sustainablematerials. 

·     Mechanically minded? Don’t mind having grease onyour hands? We have a tractor, various small engine tools, and other farmvehicles that require regular maintenance, monitoring for issues, and repairs. 

·     Washing and processing vegetables, fruits, andherbs for sale at farmers markets and for use in our on-site food truck,Rotational Grazing. This involves the following of strict food safety protocolsto ensure the health and well-being of our community. 

·     Working outside in a variety of conditions andtemperatures - rain, wind, sun, even snow. 

·     Use a smart phone or tablet to complete farmtasks, farm studies, and clocking in/out. 

·     Stocking the farm stand with fresh produce forour local community 

·     Collecting and washing eggs in accordance withstate requirements for use in our food truck. Packaging eggs for sale in ourfarm stand. 

·     Farmers Markets - Harvesting, washing, packing,and attending local farmers markets to sell our eggs and produce. This involvespacking various farm vehicles, setting up tables and displays, interacting withcustomers and using a POS system to track purchases, knowledge of farmingmethods, product varieties, and simple recommended cooking methods 

Ideal Candidate Attributes 


·     Love of the earth, our environment, protectingour natural resources 

·     Commitment to support local food systems andaccess 

·     Enthusiasm for learning new things 

·     Attention to detail and adherence to directions 

·     Open to constructive feedback 

·     Appreciation for the natural beauty of Cape Cod 

·     Eagerness to work hard 

·     Enjoys working on a team or independently 

·     Comfortable with technology 

·     Communication-minded 



Ideal Candidate Experience 


·     At least one season working outdoors 

·     Prior experience or education in agriculture,environmental science, food science, construction, carpentry, plumbing, car ortractor mechanics are a huge plus! 


Please note: We are hiring at all levels of experience! Applicantsunder 18 please note that you are required to have a work permit. 


Applicants for part-time work should be able to work at least 10 hours per week.Applicants for full-time work will be expected to work at least 40 hours per week. Shifts may include early mornings, late afternoons, and weekends.Pleaseindicateyour availability on our application. 


Pay:Starting at $15.00/hour 


Full-time, year-round positions are available for candidates with prior farm experienceand/or specific skillsets. 

Apply now!

Food Truck Cook

Job Description 

LoveFarms is hiring Food Truck Cooks for the 2023 season! This position is a uniqueculinary experience that involves working with products from our farm andcollaborating with our energetic crew to transform high-quality ingredientsinto delicious meals for the community. Led by Chef Farmer Dylan Leary, theintimate food truck kitchen is a fun, yet demanding and fast-paced workenvironment. The Food Truck Cooks that we hire in 2023 will play an integralrole in paving the way for the restaurant opening in summer 2024. Professionalcooking experience is preferred but not required.A serious passion for food, strong work ethic, and an ability to learn quicklyon the job are the most important attributes that we’reseekingin a candidate. Whether you’re a life-long,seasoned cook or thinking about your first step into a career in professionalcooking, we want to hear from you! 


Duties & Responsibilities: 


·     Accurately and consistently follow RotationalGrazing recipes 

·     Use a variety of tools to consistently prepareelements of dishes (making doughs, sauces, and other dish elements such as bulksausage/burger patties, slaws, etc.) * 

·     Ability to complete knife work/fabrication ofproduce and animal products in an accurate and timely manner * 

o  *Most of the preparation happens before andafter service times due to limited space in the kitchen, but mid-service prepis sometimes unavoidable and should be expected. 

·     Consistent execution of menu items duringservice (7am-11am breakfast, 11am-3pm lunch); includes listening to audibleorders from FOH Associate, chef, or fellow cook and reading printed orhand-written order tickets  

·     Rinsing, washing, sanitizing, drying, andputting dishes away in proper locations throughout shift  

·     Cleaning food truck post-service including butnot limited to scrubbing down and sanitizing workstations, cooking equipment,refrigeration and freezing equipment, floors, grey water management 

·     Occasionally, cooks may be asked to walk, bike,or drive a farm vehicle to farm side of the property to get food and othersupplies for food truck operations 

·     As needed, may be asked to take orders fromcustomers and enter into POS system 


Physical Requirements 


Cooksshould expect to be on their feet for a majority of their shift, includingstepping up to and down from the food trailer to enter and exit. Additionally, cooksshould expect to work in heat for a majority of their shift. Manyof the activities performed as part of this role will require bending/crouching,carrying, pushing, pulling, and lifting up to 50 pounds.


Ideal Candidate Attributes 


·     A deep love and passion for food  

·     Commitment to delivering the best possibleproduct and experience to our guests 

·     Ability to take direction from Chefs andManagers

·     Ability to work calmly and effectively underpressure

·     Ability to work with speed and efficiency

·     Willingness to learn 

·     Attention to detail 

·     Thrives in a fast-paced work environment 

·     Works well on a team and individually 

·     Friendly personality 

·     Responsible and timely 


Ideal Candidate Experience 


·     1-2 years minimum in a professional cooking role 


Pleasenote, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply regardless of experience. Ifyou think you might be a good fit for this position, we want to hear from you!  

Applicantsunder 18 please note that you are required to have a work permit. 


Applicantsfor part-time work should be able to work at least 10 hours per week.Applicants for full-time work will be expected to work at least 40hoursper week. Shifts may include early mornings, late afternoons, and weekends.Please indicateyour availability on our application. 


Pay:Starting at $15.00/hour 



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