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Farm Crew Member


Job Description 

Love Farms is hiring Farm Crew Members for the 2023 season and year-round. We have both full and part-time positions available. Farm crew members will be engaged in a variety of farming activities, from planting and harvesting of our more than two hundred varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs, to caring for animals, to building and repairing farm tools and spaces. We are seeking candidates with a variety of skills and experience levels. Whether you are a life-long farmer or have never worked on a farm before, if you have a passion for food, the environment, hard physical work, being outside all day, learning about farming, and serving the Cape Cod community, we want to hear from you! 


Duties and Responsibilities 


Please note: Farm Crew Members will be engaged in a variety of activities. This may not be an exhaustive list. Not all Farm Crew Members will be asked to perform all these activities. 


·     Feeding and care of farm animals including pigs, chickens, and barn cats. Animals are fed and watered in the early morning and early afternoon. Livestock responsibilities include monitoring health and well-being of the animals, ensuring adequate water at all times of day, cleaning out animal areas including the chicken coop and pig house 

·     Planting of crops both via transplant and direct seeding using a seeder. Planting responsibilities include turning beds over for new crops, applying organic fertilizers as instructed 

·     Irrigation setup and maintenance, including repairing leaks, monitoring irrigation system timing, running and removing drip tape, using hoses to water where irrigation systems are not practical or possible to use 

·     Regular plant pruning, weeding, and monitoring for insect/plant disease/animal damage. Reaching, twisting, bending, kneeling, and sitting are often involved in the pruning process, with weeding via hand generally being on hands and knees. 

·     Vegetable, fruit, and herb harvesting. This involves long periods of time stooping, crouching, kneeling, bending, lifting up to 50lbs, and carrying or pushing/pulling over short and long distances for transport. Please note, this is a physically demanding job. We do not currently farm a large expanse of land and do not use farm machinery often or at all to facilitate our farming. 

·     Working with a partner or small team to retrieve various organic material from our local partner businesses for composting. This involves regularly lifting up to 50lbs individually and team lifting heavier items into various farm vehicles for transport back to the farm. 

·     Occasionally unloading feed for transport into our feed storage area in the barn. This involves sustained and repeated lifting and carrying 50lb bags of feed. 

·     Have a passion for construction or carpentry? We have a number of building or carpentry projects on the farm, including the building of farm tools such as row cover mechanisms using sustainable materials. 

·     Mechanically minded? Don’t mind having grease on your hands? We have a tractor, various small engine tools, and other farmvehicles that require regular maintenance, monitoring for issues, and repairs. 

·     Washing and processing vegetables, fruits, and herbs for sale at farmers markets and for use in our on-site food truck, Rotational Grazing. This involves the following of strict food safety protocols to ensure the health and well-being of our community. 

·     Working outside in a variety of conditions and temperatures - rain, wind, sun, even snow. 

·     Use a smart phone or tablet to complete farm tasks, farm studies, and clocking in/out. 

·     Stocking the farm stand with fresh produce for our local community 

·     Collecting and washing eggs in accordance with state requirements for use in our food truck. Packaging eggs for sale in our farm stand. 

·     Farmers Markets - Harvesting, washing, packing, and attending local farmers markets to sell our eggs and produce. This involves packing various farm vehicles, setting up tables and displays, interacting with customers and using a POS system to track purchases, knowledge of farming methods, product varieties, and simple recommended cooking methods 

Ideal Candidate Attributes 


·     Love of the earth, our environment, protecting our natural resources 

·     Commitment to support local food systems and access 

·     Enthusiasm for learning new things 

·     Attention to detail and adherence to directions 

·     Open to constructive feedback 

·     Appreciation for the natural beauty of Cape Cod 

·     Eagerness to work hard 

·     Enjoys working on a team or independently 

·     Comfortable with technology 

·     Communication-minded 


Ideal Candidate Experience 


·     At least one season working outdoors 

·     Prior experience or education in agriculture, environmental science, food science, construction, carpentry, plumbing, car or tractor mechanics are a huge plus! 


Please note: We are hiring at all levels of experience! Applicants under 18 please note that you are required to have a work permit. 


Applicants for part-time work should be able to work at least 10 hours per week. Applicants for full-time work will be expected to work at least 40 hours per week. Shifts may include early mornings, late afternoons, and weekends. Please indicate your availability on our application. 


Pay: Starting at $15.00/hour 


Full-time, year-round positions are available for candidates with prior farm experience and/or specific skillsets. 

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